Thursday, 17 April 2014

IAFP01 Malig Ordos (Platoon Pack) with Unique Miniature released!

Space Goblins are trouble, vicious, verminous and expendable...get yours today! Putting the space opera classic fun into wargaming. We present a full Ordos (Platoon) of miniatures which includes a free unique miniature only found in this code! This is our first of many platoon packs. An Ordos of thirty two Space Goblins (Maligs) composed of four Tesserans of eight Maligs plus one 'Senga' a female Malig. Each platoon pack will contain a unique miniature. A full force for your wargaming table. 

The Legions of the Shia Khan Empire are the main fighting force of the Empire and the expendable cannon fodder of the Legions are the Space Goblins or Maligs as they are known. Drawn from endless slave worlds in great hordes the Maligs are treated roughly and given weapons beyond their understanding. Commanded by all and in command of nothing. Shoved into Tesserans (8 Troops) and Ordos (32 Troops) the Maligs don't last long in combat but they perform a valuable role; they kill Humans. Crass, brutal and often savage the word Malig is hated by all. 
This Ordos is made up of the following pack codes:

IA047 Malig 1st Tesseran (Juno Rifle)
IA048 Malig 1st Tesseran (Support Weapons)
IA049 Malig 1st Tesseran (Hydra Shogun)
IA050 Malig 1st Tesseran (Command)
Senga the Female Malig with Flying Pan and Maia Mpi. (Unique to this code)
You can see these on a previous blog post HERE.

Senga Front View
Senga Rear View
IAFP01 Malig Ordos – Platoon Pack
A whole platoon ready for use in your games. Thirty two 15mm Space Goblins in white metal plus an additional unique white metal 15mm Female Space Goblin included that is only ever in this platoon pack. You have the option of purchasing a platoon pack or three platoon packs with a saving applied on screen of 10%. Go HERE. Price 16.00GBP.

Information Burst!
Malig Madness was a success at Salute 2014 for us and we came back sold out of IAF046 Infernus Tanks, IAF047-IAF050 Malig Infantry packs and virtually no IAFP01 special miniature 'Malig Senga' either. Now its time for all these excellent codes to be released on to our website and to our trade partners too. Malig Madness has come to you all. While we have several releases today the information for each can be found by searching the codes.  

The current free miniature in all orders automatically is IMP08 Muster Girl (we gave out 200 of her with purchase at Salute!) which will be in every package until 1st May 2014 when its removed and replaced by the next free miniature. Find her HERE If you would like to see the IMP miniatures available for sale then contact us as interest is growing in this and we will act if enough wargamers ask for it. By placing an order with us you will sign up for an account with the website and that means you get Reward Points in all purchases (plus a free miniature and you can use the current salute code). These points can be used any time to get free products and discounts on orders.

Thanks for your Time.


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