Thursday, 20 December 2018

Patrol Angis Errata a free eight page download

A treat before Christmas for Ion Fans. In the works for several months and a result of four years of play across the world from three books we present the Errata for Patrol Angis. Written and collated by Aris Kolehmainen it follows up on the expansion to the free Shia Khan Empire article (see that HERE) and gives clarifications, examples, suggestions, revisions and more. Well worth a festive season peruse if you play the game. If you would like to see all of our free files on the website go HERE and for the game books in print and as downloads as well as a game pack go HERE

The Patrol Angis Errata 
An eight page free article which outlines answers to common questions and much more for the Patrol Angis series. Covering the core book as well as Callsign Taranis and elements of The Khanate Return plus other minor armies it is the result of four years of play. Compiled by Aris Kolehmainen its contents Download the article from our website by CLICKING HERE. As with all expansions you are free to integrate these amendments to the published books or to ignore them within your playing group. 

We have no further news or releases planned in December and we are working on the new awesome for 2019. We do have a December Offer through for you all to enjoy if you fancy stocking up with goodies before 1st January 2019. Read the details in full on our blog HERE but in essence we will give you 100 Reward Points bonus on every order placed and every time you order a Platoon Pack (a whole force with an additional free unique miniature) from any faction we will add one Bike (worth 2.25GBP) to your package as a treat. Go to the website.

I have been working on an article for Magogs in Patrol Angis with new pictures and additional content on top of what is in Callsign Taranis on these giant machines. It is far from finished but if you have anything on these mecha you would like to see included or questions to ask please do so. Tell me by email to

So all that remains is for me and the little team here to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


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