Friday, 30 May 2014

Adder Combat Cars coming 5th June 2014 in Early Support Bundle

The IAF037 Smashed Adder with Muster sheltering around it
The the first week of June 2014 we will be unveiling a new Early Supporter Offer for you all to take advantage of.  This new offer will be all about our first ground vehicle release into the 15mm Ion Age range the Adder Combat Car in four different variants!

Muster with the IAF035A Red Adder
While the ESO will have all of the fiction and information on the Adder I wanted to take this chance to tell you all a little about the vehicle itself and our ambitions for it.  You see we have been working hard to try and make the Adder as standardised as possible meaning easier production.  As few pieces as possible meaning less labour in that production and lastly modular meaning a choice of turrets and role for the Combat Car chassis.  Choice at an excellent price.
IAF035C Black Adder with Female Muster Patrol Officer
Taken from the original HOF code light tank the Adder has been remastered and tooled up for resin production rather than the original white metal.  It will be supplied in just two pieces for most variants.  That right just two pieces, the hull with wheels and the turret with weapon.  Here are the basic details of the four variants and the special scenic item that will be in the ESO too.

IAF035A  Red Adder Combat Car (Mini-Gun Turret)
IAF035B Yellow Adder Fire Support Car (Missile Pod Turret)
IAF035C Black Adder Punch Car (Rail Gun Turret)
IAF035D Orange Adder Combat Car (Grenade Turret) 
IAF037 Smashed Adder Car (Wheeled Destroyed Vehicle) 

IAF035B Yellow Adder with Muster
Every Adder is known by its variant in a colour code system. This is our first ground vehicle release and it takes us into the realm of light ground vehicles for the Ion Age. The four variants mean you will be able to fine tune your wheeled vehicle pool of combat cars.  Full information on the variants in the ESO but for now I will say that the retail price on each Adder is 4.00GBP and the same for the Smashed Adder.  The ESO Bundle will give you a 25% saving off release price.

IAF035D Orange Adder taking on the Khanate
See more 5th of June 2014 and yes we purposefully made the joke about the 'Black Adder' as we all adore the excellent comedy programme of the same name now only seen on re-runs.  I will also be posting about Patrol Angis next week as well as something new for the Khanate and all questions are welcome in the comments here or by email to

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  1. Great stuff once again. Looking forward to ordering a few of these once they're released.

    1. Thanks. I will pass that on to the team. The ESO bundle will give you the option of a great deal on the 5th. Have a good weekend. GBS

  2. I love adder combat car *Brick are you just point at things on the Ion Age blog and saying you love them?* haha, yeah, I DO love adder combat car...

    1. Lepp of course you love the Adder Combat are a rational person. Thanks for the comment. GBS