Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Rewarding Wargamers and Getting Miniatures to them

Rewarding Investment in The Ion Age all the Time!
Want a pack of miniatures?  Sure I do.  Want them all in unique poses?  Wow!  Yes, I would.  Want 10% off if you take three packs at the same time with no need for a discount code?  How kind yes, I would like that. Then you got it!

That is the kind of conversation I have had with wargamers at countless shows and conventions in the UK and elsewhere.  I do keep notes...lots of notes, so it all goes in and sometimes you get some results from it.  Like here.  I thought it would be an awesome idea to reward a wargamer's investment in The Ion Age from the start.  Buy three packs and save 10% off pack prices automatically on the screen.  

Every Ion Age code will have this option!

The Muster postal system does its best!
Of course miniatures are physical objects and that means getting them from the balmy climes of Scotland to customers all over the world (yes, everywhere including the North Pole!).  I know no one likes paying postage but its a cruel world and so we must.  But we are kind too!  So as a result of that no complex shipping table, no need for emails to and fro, no seperate payments and no need to worry about how much freight is going to be.  One size fits all.  Five pounds anywhere (including airmail as standard!) and free shipping once you top seventy five pounds spent.  This is great value as we only use high quality wrapping and packaging materials and we aim to dispatch within a day or two of receipt.

Next Posting....spotting the new poses among the veterans of IA001 to IA004.


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