Monday 26 March 2018

March To War Free Shipping three New Releases and free miniatures until 16th April

The March to War event at The Ion Age!  As part of Alternative Armies we have, until 16th April 2018 free worldwide shipping on all orders of 15GBP in the cart or more!  We have three new releases bringing personalities and nobles to your Retained Knights.  We now also have IAB01 Patrol Angis book back in stock!  Lastly every order placed with us will automatically get Reward Points and three free 15mm miniatures (Two Knight Errants and a Banneret) included in the package worth 2.50GBP (or two suitable 28mm miniatures if your order is 28mm scale).  Spring is here and space knights are cool!  Go HERE or read on for details.

Let us tell you all about the March to War 2018 event at The Ion Age.  All the information on what is happening as well as a listing of all the new codes and the free miniatures.  Click on the links to go through to what tickles your interest.  March to War and add to your collection with us!

Free Worldwide Shipping
Until the 16th April 2018 we giving free worldwide shipping automatically on all orders of 15.00GBP of product or greater in your cart.  Just add to cart and the website will do the rest.  This is our standard UK mail and standard Airmail.  If you desire 'signed for shipping' you must select this during checkout and its normal flat cost of 10GBP remains in place.  During this promotion you will save the normal 5GBP for UK shipping and 6GBP for Rest of World shipping.  A great chance to try us out or to get those models which are on your wants list from this month such as the new Mullo AFV and APC vehicles as well as the Beotan Ordos or earlier.  Want to see everything we have been doing in the last six months or so..yes..check out our home page HERE.

Three New Releases
During this promotional period we have three new releases they are character packs and a personality pack to expand your 15mm Retained Knights for Patrol Angis or any other space opera setting. Read on for the link to and basic information on each.  Note that in total there are sixteen new releases these are split across our two websites and if you wish to combine items from us with Alternative Armies please do this by email sending your name, address, paypal email address and list of codes to and we will come back to you with a price and you will get the free items and discounts too.

IAF156 Marcher Barons of Prydia – Go HERE
This pack contains three different 15mm high ranking nobles of the Precinct ideal to command your forces in war all wearing elaborate Alwite powered armour and carrying a mix of energy melee weapons and Carnwennan Pistol.  Character nobles!

IAF157 Nobles of Prydia – Go HERE.
This pack contains three different 15mm nobles of the Precinct ideal to command your lances all wearing elaborate Alwite powered armour and carrying a mix of energy melee weapons and Carnwennan Pistol.  Character knights!

IAF158 Diodine Sparrow of the Quarrel Company – Go HERE.
This pack contains three personalties taken from the Prydian Precincts premier Condot organisation The Quarrel Company.  Wearing Alwite powered armour they are Diodine Sparrow bare headed with Roaz Axe, Quinus Bria the bodyguard of Diodine Sparrow with plumed helm and Hermit 44mm Plasma Rifle and lastly Loren Vasilia  lady commander of the first regiment of the Quarrel Company with data slab and Carnwennan Pistol.  There will be a free PDF article with background and Patrol Angis stats.

Free Miniatures in Every Order
During the March to War promotion we are giving you the fun with three free 15mm miniatures in every order.  Place an order and get your Reward Points (plus you can use your points to get discounts during the promotion as normal) as well as a Banneret from IAF004 and two Knight Errants from IAF057 all together worth 2.50GBP.  This fits in with our new releases.  However if you purchase from our 28mm Ranges from the Prydian Army or the Shia Khan Army we will include TWO free 28mm miniatures in your package which suits what you have purchased (so Retained or Muster or Legionaries etc).

Patrol Angis Back in Stock
We are delighted to announce that the third print run of the core book in our 15mm skirmish system is now back in print and in stock!  This mean you can get Patrol Angis on its own or as a bundle with the other books or as the famous excellent value game pack with two forces of miniatures and a unique Knight Errant found only in the game pack.  Go HERE.

Digital Downloads are 20% Cheaper than Print Books
Lastly we would like tell you about Digital Download titles which are twenty percent cheaper in PDF form than they are in print.  Go HERE for the Patrol Angis series and go HERE for our 28mm systems MOTH and Firefight.  MOTH is now a digital download!

Thanks for your time and please do contact us with any questions on or on our Facebook Group HERE.


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