Thursday, 3 November 2016

PIA006 Eat at Happy Burger poster released!

The wargamer reaction to the Happy Burger Bots which feature in our monthly free range has been fantastic.  The miniatures, little snippets of fiction and artwork have led us here at The Ion Age to this new release.  A poster from the latest Robo Cola campaign from the Happy Burger restaurants of the Prydian Precinct.  Excellent!  See our posters HERE or read on for more.

Eat at Happy Burger

More than three hundred million cans of Robo Cola are sold across the Precinct every single day and their taste goes perfectly with the 'Meat-tay-eat' burgers sold alongside them. Taste alone makes this possible with the people of a thousand cities flocking to the booths and eateries for treats. Taste is backed up with billions of posters put up everywhere there is a space.  From the transit lanes to the agri-zones as well as spaceports and hospitals these posters promote Happy Burger.  They can also be bought for your own hab walls for a modest fee from behind the counter. Just as your server.

Digitally drawn by our lead designer Sam Croes this sixth of our poster prints was made locally here in Scotland on high quality 200gsm paper using rich inks.  Its a premium product to grace your wargaming walls with.  Bare or in a frame.  Supplied in a purpose designed postal mailing tube.  The image is exactly A3 size (300mm by 420mm) while the full post it sits on has a white framing border making the total dimensions 320mm by 450mm.

As with all of our other products we offer you several purchase options.  You can purchase one poster print at a great price or three of the same one and automatically save 10% on screen.  You can also get the poster print signed by the artist. Go HERE.

Information Burst! 
This month's free miniature is a superb character robot the Grim Reaperbot.  Standing 16mm to the eye line it is a titanium skeleton with cloak and scythe.  One free in every order. There is a growing page on the Ion Age website where the current and all former IMP series free miniatures are shown so that you can see what came before. Enjoy looking at what came before. Above you can see the now online IMPS02 Spooky Set which has all four Halloween themed miniatures in one code.  November 2016 will see a great new release with the final code from the Patrol Angis army lists the Retained Grav Bike pack! We will also have an article with a fright theme about a Prydian Precinct faction plus the last Friday of November will see us join up with Alternative Armies and to make our four day Black Friday offer.  This is a super offer and we will tell all one week before it goes live.   

Lastly we have a new monthly special...this time on our great Duxis Battlesuit favoured by Retained Knights. 25% off all variants of this modular battlesuit including five different ranged weapons and three melee versions. Enjoy!

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