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Afara Strider of the Quarrel Company: Last Chance on pre-orders!

“Contracts such as these were the product of centuries of tradition with Condots, and it did not take long for mercenaries to be found who were willing to fight the League of Yordan. The Condots hired were famous throughout the Prydian Precinct and belonged to one of the largest Company's of lances for hire. The Quarrel Company owned by Diodine Sparrow composed twenty six regiments including five thousand veteran Retained and its own portable castles and several starships for transport. Having established a reputation for solving the most complex military problems and being careful with his stores of iridium and other precious metals during the now long past Gurtan Activation conflict, Diodine Sparrow had been a mercenary his entire life. Their Alwite and Aketon armour in colours of ivory and sea blue along with banners and emblems showing a stylised gem for the fortune that the Sparrow family had made centuries before at Riki on Fulton Prime was their mark.” - Taken from Patrol Angis and the campaign for Dando II.

There are only a few days left until the end of the Early Supporter Offers on the fantastic 55mm tall mecha resin kit for 15mm wargaming that is the Afara Strider!  Go HERE to save 10%, 15% or even 20% with free worldwide shipping.  Offers end on 25th July and after this the Afara will be on our website HERE among our range of 15mm scale Prydian vehicles.  I want to thank everyone who has taken up the offers thus far and all orders will ship out after the promotional period ends.  We have had such a good response to our first mecha kit that we will certainly be doing more.  Remember you get a free miniature (currently IMP35 Cybernetic Retained Knight worth 0.60GBP until 1st August) as well as Reward Points with your orders.  Plus a free Fallen Duxis Battlesuit worth 5.00GBP, read on below for details of this.

There are three variants of the IAF128 Afara Strider, two with ranged weapons and one with melee weapons as a load out.  Composed of six or seven easy to assemble parts you can pose the Afara in many ways without any conversions at all.  Articulation at the shoulder, hip and foot gives dynamic possibilities.  In this short article you can see an Afara armed with a Bodkin AP Howitzer and shoulder mounted Hermit 50mm grenade launcher which belongs to the famous Quarrel Company; mercenaries in the pay of the legendary Diodine Sparrow.  Fighting against forces of the League of Yordan the Strider has a foot placed upon the chest of a destroyed Duxis Battlesuit which creates a really special looking piece.  You can see the battlesuit on this link IAF032 Fallen Duxis Battlesuit upon which the Afara was mounted.

We are actually so taken with this one off Afara Strider (on the left above) that we have decided to add a FREE IAF032 Fallen Duxis Battlesuit (in green above forming the scenic element of the base) worth 5.00GBP to every early supporter order that contains one or more Afara Striders.  This means you can re-create our pose here if you want!  One added per order and all orders already placed will automatically get an IAF032 Fallen Duxis Battlesuit included for free.

The Quarrel Company is my own personal favourite force in the Prydian Civil War and my intended lads when time allows me to field them in numbers.  A lance first for Patrol Angis and then some vehicles for expanding into Callsign Taranis.  The 'in play' photograph in this article shows a Quarrel Company Afara having dispatched one Yordan Duxis about to take on another and three female Retained Knights...the odds favour the Strider!

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