Thursday 25 February 2016

Xin Trade Fleet in Patrol Angis free PDF download

A free expansion by PDF for Patrol Angis and today is the day. The Ion Age is happy to present the Sanbao or Trade Fleet Troops of the Xin Hegemony in Patrol Angis as a five page PDF which contains fiction, statistics, tables, rank structure and optional test rules along with some photos using the miniatures. You will need the Patrol Angis book but aside from that all you need is in the PDF. 

You can download the free PDF from our Dropbox account by clicking on this link HERE. Enjoy! 

We have been amazed by the kind words and the joy that greeted the arrival of the first Human new faction expansion to the 15mm range at The Ion Age.  While the Xin will continue to expand we have a lot to offer you including a full force to use in our own or any other wargame system suitable for this scale and genre.  Choose from Sanbao rifles, support, assault and command along with Warrior Monks and Youxia wandering knights and the awesome Jade Ape Battlesuit too.  Plus this month the free monthly miniature in all orders is the Onyx Monkey Bot one of our most popular thus far.  You can also get a platoon pack with an extra free unique officer in it.  Go HERE.

I hope you enjoy this PDF and if you have questions or feedback please do make contact with us. 

Thanks for Reading. 



  1. Great miniatures. My Prang and Xin arrived last week but I think I need a few more to fill out the ranks. Can I ask, will the Chuhuac and Iwken be getting stats for Ion Age / Patrol Angis in the future?

    1. Thank you Andrew. Those races belong to Eli Arndt but I can ask him if we can do stats for them unofficial link in to Patrol Angis for sure. Leave it with me. GBS