Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Patrol Angis released!

Following up on our pre-order offer I am delighted to be able to announce the general release of our first 15mm wargame title in a planned series Patrol Angis.  Core wargame rules for skirmish wargaming during the Prydian Civil War with infantry, bikes, battlesuits and portable weapons. Every copy of the book or game set comes with a unique Knight Errant miniature automatically (you also get the monthly free miniature as well!  Currently IMP22 Malig Campaigner worth 0.60GBP) worth 0.60GBP.  You can see Patrol Angis on our website on the 15mm Publications page.  Here is some information about this title:


Wargame rules for use with 15mm miniatures and models from theionage.com. An enjoyable playing experience in a space opera setting unlike any other. Tactically challenging but not complex, these rules reward players for their playing and not by the use of endless charts, tables and over powered characters. Once familiar with the game rules, in a single hour you can play a full game with another person or several or on your own in solo play. The rules will not take long to learn and are suitable for wargamers of all ages from novice to veteran. They are fun and can be expanded into other titles in the series.

Patrol Angis is a skirmish level of wargame which means it typically has between a dozen and about forty 15mm scale miniatures a side in play during a game. It works well with more but those amounts are ideal. Most games have one Platoon sized force per player and have one or two or maybe even three players. A Platoon or Lance which contains typically twenty two (22) miniatures. In Patrol Angis you play either as the Prydian Army in its quest to reclaim worlds lost to the Marcher Barons during the Civil War or you can play in the employ of Canlaster or Yordist or any of the other dozen smaller array of Marcher Barons. This includes playing as a “Conda”' or paid professional mercenary for any side.

This is low intensity warfare title where troops mainly on foot, root each other out over small objectives. It’s not massive, not often glamorous, but it’s pure adventure, it’s the stuff of heroes and it’s skirmishing at its best! Easy to get into and to build upon. It’s the starting point for your wargaming in The Ion Age!

In the book you will find the full skirmishing rules along with solo play, part one of the Prydian Civil War background, game tables and statistics, troops and armoury of the Civil War, the Dando II Campaign and three introductory scenarios set within it and an article on just what is The Ion Age.  A lot to read in a packed sixty four pages!

As well as a packed book you can purchase for wargaming we also offer Patrol Angis as a boxed set with two forces of miniatures to get you started and to play out the starter scenarios.  Here is what is contained in the Game Pack and if you take the time to total it up compared to retail price you will see its a deal.

Lance 1 (Prydian Army)
IAF001 Retained Post Alpha (10)
IAF002 Retained Post Beta (10)
IAF005 Balthazar and Jermone (2)
(Unique Knight Errant with Pistol)

Lance 2 (League of Yordan)
IAF016 Retained Post Delta (10)
IAF030D Duxis Battlesuit (Moth 88) (1)
IAF030E Duxis Battlesuit (Valerin) (1)
IAF030H Duxis Battlesuit (Angis) (1)
IAF046A Espaten Platform (Moth Long barrel) (1)
IAF066 Grav Platform Propulsion Unit (1)
IAF055 Retained Espaten Crew (2)

The miniatures in the game pack are all supplied with our round resin bases as used in all our photographs of miniatures.  Extra Value!

You can find all of the codes for Patrol Angis on our website on the 15mm Publications page.  Every copy of the book or game set comes with the unique Knight Errant miniature free and if you purchase the game pack painted and based from us your Knight Errant will also be painted and based for free too!  Here is the miniature to look at.

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  1. My Patrol Angis parcel arrived yesterday. I am new to the world of the Ion Age and have enjoyed looking through the rulebook and checking out the miniatures. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Andrew. I am glad you enjoyed the experience and find The Ion Age a fictional place you wish to spend a lot of your time in.


  2. Are the movement trays shown in the rulebook available? I couldn't see them on the Ion Age website but I'm probably looking in the wrong place.

    1. Not yet but soon. This week we are making production molds for the trays and also taking photos of the month's releases among other prototypes and so forth. There is a lot coming. Do not worry it will be on the blog and website announced.


  3. Hi, I've had my copy of the rule book for a few days now and I'm creating my first Retained Lance.

    I was just wondering how many skills each miniature can have as I was thinking of creating a Retained Close Combat Element using either Road Power Axes or Octa Power Swords with both Assaulter and Brawler skills.

    1. Hello Paul. Thanks for your comment and your custom.

      A miniature can have as many allowable skills as you are willing to cost out for it. No skill that type is not allowed but more than one it is allowed is fine. Assaulter and Brawler with Octa or Roaz is fine. Enjoy!