Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Patrol Angis Free Content Folder now online!

Free content and files for your games of Patrol Angis is now available to you in this blog post and on our website on the 15mm Publications Page. Huzzah!

Click on this link to download the folder instantly from our dropbox account HERE.

Prydian Retained advance upon female Yordist Retained.  From Dando Campaign scenario 4.
In the folder you will find a lot of material as PDF's to back up your playing experience of Patrol Angis. Files are as follows:

An Introduction to The Ion Age
What is Patrol Angis
Token Sheet for Patrol Angis
Prydia Precinct Roster Sheet
Quick Reference Sheet (QRF)
The Dando Campaign Scenario 4 (following on from the book)

You can see the book and game pack along with the unique free miniature that comes with them and only them HERE.

We have been so pleased with the release of the first book in the series that we are playtesting rules for the second title as of this month.


Thanks for Reading.



  1. Thanks for these. Now reading my rulebook which arrived today.