Thursday 2 April 2015

Free Worldwide Shipping and Goody Bags until 1st May 2015!

From 1st April until the 1st of May 2015 The Ion Age is having its spring offers period. We will be having new releases and more during this period but the offers here apply to each and every one of them all the same. So while you will not see us at Salute 2015 in London this April here is what we are offering you: 

Free Worldwide Shipping on all Orders over 10.00GBP Value! 
If you live in the UK or Europe, the USA or anywhere else on this blue marble we call home we are giving you free shipping worldwide on all orders over 10.00GBP in product value. This has been applied to our website so all you need to do is to add items to your cart as normal. We use airmail and courier services as required and you may still choose to add a 'signed for element' to your order. Orders of less than 10.00GBP will attract our normal flat 5.00GBP shipping charge worldwide. We have placed this minimum on free shipping due to a very small percentage of customers previously who thought it correct to place extremely small orders for delivery. We do have to make a living. 

Free “Goody Bag” in all Orders worth 10% of your Order! 
When you place an order of any size or value with us until 1st May we will automatically place a Goody Bag into your package to the value of approx 10% of the order. The items in this free bag will be related to what you have purchased but will be our choice. So if you order Hab Domes and Terrain you will get other relevant Terrain and an order for Prydian Army Battlesuits and Vehicles will gain you other Prydian troops and vehicles. A lovely surprise for you and great for your collections. And yes, for example, if you do order two IAF044BU03 Terrain Bundles we will send you another 20.00GBP plus in extras for them! Superb! 

These two offers run over the top of all our coming releases for the next month plus. Here are most of the things we will be releasing from now until a week plus before the 1st May so that you can plan out your order(s) with The Ion Age. These are within this time frame. They will be on our Early Supporter Page HERE

IAFP04 Muster Platoon + unique miniature 

IAFR01 Patrol Angis (15mm Ion Age Skirmish Wargame Rules) 
IAFR01S Patrol Angis Game Pack (Complete Starter Set with Miniatures) 
(Both of these will have a pre-order offer with 15% off list prices!) 

Lots more details to come especially on Patrol Angis but we wanted to tell you all of this right now at the start of the month plus of offers. So get more with us and get free shipping and a goody bag too on every order as well as the monthly free miniature and the Reward Points on your account too! 

The monthly free miniature for April which is IMP20 Female Legion Officer of the Khanate Empire. More about her HERE

 As you might know we also have two other wargaming websites that we are known for and each of these is having its own similar offers until 1st May. Here are the links to the blogs for and Alternative Armies. Have a look. 

Lastly we will be putting up the releases and the pre-order offer on Patrol Angis next week so stay tuned! 

Thanks for Reading.


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