Friday, 8 February 2019

Arcticon 2019 with Patrol Angis Tournament sponsored by The Ion Age

It is my pleasure to announce that real soon the 2019 one day convention call Arcticon will occur once more and that The Ion Age will feature there!

“ArctiCon is a local Northwest Indiana charity gaming and pop culture convention. We work to build community in a family friendly safe environment at a reasonable cost to raise funds to support veterans and our community. We hope to see you at our premier con and other supported events throughout the year!  ArctiCon 2019 opens at 8am at St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church - Merrillville, Indiana on Saturday, 23rd February 2019 ending 22.00pm.  See this page for location details and on Facebook HERE for the event.”

There will be an all day Ion Age event at Arcticon playing Patrol Angis beginning at 11am.  Organised by Ben Starkey and Aris Kolehmainen you are welcome to come along and have a play plus there will be several prizes (Magog and more) plus a good number of give away miniatures arranged in conjunction with us here in Scotland.  It is a shame we cannot attend but we will be there in spirit  If you attend please go along to the Alternative Armies Tabletop Wargaming Group on Facebook and post up your Ion Age related thoughts and pictures from the day.  We would love to see them.  Here are some details:

***Patrol: Angis – 2nd Annual Tournament***
The galaxy, like a great celestial fortress, is under-siege on all sides. The Khanate Empire has breached the Matter Gateway and have begun true occupation, the Xin have become even more aggressive in their acquisitions of trade and artefacts, the Prang raid planets with even greater regularity, and at the centre of the chaos, the Throne of Prydia valiantly defends humanity. Welcome to the Ion Age - Patrol: Angis

For this year's force building rules, and scenario details, Download them HERE courtesy of the organisers.

There will be some surprises on the day including a specially created diorama and an actual Portable Castle in play on the table.  These are top secret just now but I hope after the event to be able to share some pictures and an account of the day.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions just contact us on and I will do my best to assist you.


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