Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Spring Season Promotion and Pre-Orders ended thank you!

The spring promotional period as now ended at The Ion Age and we want to thank all of you from all the world for your orders.  Tabletop Gamers are great guys and gals and we have responded to all the kind messages you have sent.  We have a couple of things to say at this time so here we go.

As stated all pre-orders, orders which contain among other things or on its own, for IAB03 The Khanate Return will be shipped out week commencing 8th May.  At this time this is achievable and the initial print run ordered has been exceeded!  More copies have been ordered and we will issues updates if anything changes.  If you have a question please contact me on info@theionage.com.  Promotional period orders which do not have pre-orders in them have and are shipping worldwide now.

Secondly we will have new releases in May which feature in the Khanate Return book.  As well as the new book May will see the appearance of an awaited code for that army which will strike fear into the hearts of mankind..The Psycoborgs!  We will also have news about the coming Khanate vehicles too.

I want to end with a big wave of thanks from the small team behind The Ion Age.  We love what we do and you all make it possible.

Thanks for Reading,


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