Thursday, 25 August 2016

The Afara Strider 15mm mecha kit parts laid out

It was pointed out to apologies...that during the release of the mighty IAF128 Afara Strider three kits there was no image displayed of the parts which make up the mecha in their raw form.  This has now been remedied upon the website and here in this short article.  The image is laid on a centimetre grid.  Enjoy!

It is a very easy to assemble light mecha which once built stands 55mm tall.  Articulated at the foot, hip and shoulder it has several pose options and takes about five minutes to put together (even by me...I am well known for being awful at kit building).  Below is an image showing two build Afara's with a 15mm Retained Knight for scale.  You can learn all about the Afara on our blog HERE.

There are no more releases in August and we will shortly be running a weekend offer in conjunction with our two sister brands Alternative Armies and  It has begun now postage on all orders over 10.00GBP product value plus your normal Reward Points and Free miniature currrently IMP36.

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